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Start a New Healthy Gamer Lifestyle

The amount of overweight and obese people are at record highs at all ages. Heart disease is rising. Depression in teenagers and adults is mind blowing. Overall health is getting worse as each year passes by. And at least half of these people play video games.

There are over 200 million gamers in the U.S. alone, 2.5 billion worldwide (mobile included). Near 80% of teenagers play games, over 50% of adults. Gaming does not cause these health problems, but it can influence a lifestyle that does.

I am Jarod and I created Mind, Body, GAMING! to show you gamers how to improve your health while also gaming your butts off.

So I Just Press Start?

The first step to any life changing action is choice. The goals of Mind, Body, GAMING! is to share all aspects of good health from mindfulness practices to diet and exercise, specifically tailored to gamers.

As a new blog, I’m excited to fill these pages with everything I have learned that improved my own body and mind health, turning my entire life around. I look forward to this advice doing the same for you.

So yes, just decide you are going to make some changes. That is the first step. It is that simple. But it will take work and effort, and you need to know what to do to achieve this goal. This is where Mind, Body, GAMING! can help.

Also, if you want more tips and insights from me in addition to this blog, press start below.


I (me?)

I am Jarod Reisin. I play a lot of video games. Currently I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri in the USA.

In late 2009, I changed my UNHEALTHY gaming lifestyle around. I became physically active, started meditating, and changed how I ate. I even changed my career in order to serve others. After that, and much more, I was suddenly happy, and I felt great.

But I still gamed. And I feel that contrary to popular belief, video games are not bad for our health. What can be bad, however, are choices we make regarding how we LIVE as gamers. There is a lifestyle balance that can include gaming, and I established Mind, Body, GAMING! to share all that I have learned and know about that very balance with you. I genuinely hope this may be useful to you on your journey.

If you have any questions or thoughts, you can reach me quickest and preferably on Twitter. But I am also available on Facebook. Of course you can email me, but don’t expect a quick reply there as I am busy trying to become a gaming monk.

ALSO: Understand that I am not a therapist, nutritionist, or doctor. I can only be a guide based on my own personal experiences. I give no guarantees.

U (You)

Yes, you. Over there, on the other side. The grand community of gamers. How big is this community?  200 Million WORLDWIDE. This blog is about you and your health. To show you the strategy guides and secret codes that have worked for me.

When I changed my life to become a full time SAMURAI, a.k.a someone here to serve, I knew I could find no greater calling. My path has brought me here to share the benefits of having good video game health and how to maintain it. And I need you. How can I serve without others to serve?

I always try to respond to every comment and message that I get and aim to develop friendships with as many of you as I can.

This blog is an us thing. You and me. And we. Together we are love. Gamers and love. Lovely right? Very hippie. The way I see it, we are all connected, from the internet, to the games we play, to the interstellar spiritual living force or what have you. So, let’s help each other and maximize our gaming health potential!

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